Your name is ARADIA MEGIDO, and you are one hell of a dangerous dame. Officially a member of the Lowblood Mafia, you hold a number of other aliases and have a checkered past with nearly all of the other gangs (( Mafiabound Aradia Blog. NSFW due to possible blood, gore, sexually explicit content, drug use, etc. )) -

Mun Time

learn more?




yes question the man thats very good

I was always told there are no stupid questions UuU


yeah like a cat

what else would i mean

> Your straight-face falters at the corners of your mouth as they twitch upwards and threaten to form a full grin, but given her lack of reservation you really don’t see the point and eventually you give up and laugh with her. You can hear your own laugh in your ears and it sounds strange in a place that isn’t your home with a person who isn’t your brother. You never liked the sound of your laughter, but it seems to be contagious and you haven’t much choice. Perhaps that will become a recurring theme with this person. 

seriously though just because i havent doesnt mean someone else didnt

watch your step and all that jazz

> Scratching the back of your head as silence picks up the space in the air where your laughter was, you glance once more at the sky, frowning. You’ve been out too long as it is and you didn’t leave a message. He will worry if you’re gone too long and that is never a thing you want, even when you’re having fun.

You’re… having fun.


You gesticulate wildly at the door, your brain fumbling for words slower than it can convey actions. 

i gotta be off someplace

places to go people to see etc 

see you round i guess

i mean i dont know if this is your haunt or whatever but im going to want to check that bird is okay

or something like that

> Or something like that. It’s true, you do want to see the bird, but laughing and generally being around other people again would be cool too. Still, you present it as a fact rather than an offer. You’re not quite at the stage in your social development of planning meetings just yet. 

/You like the sound of his laughter. It’s… dare you say it, cute. Which was very strange to think, seeing as there were maybe five other things in the world that you would use that term to describe. As both of you calm down, he makes another silly comment, and you roll your eyes and snort. And then suddenly… Suddenly it’s painfully silent, and you have no idea what to say or do because what even is one supposed to do in this kind of situation? You have no idea what to talk about with Dave, with this stranger who you’ve only met, what, maybe twice?

/Then he’s gesturing towards the main entrance and it takes you a moment to realize he’s going to leave. You’re almost disappointed in a way, but at the same time grateful that you don’t have to figure out what to talk about anymore. You nod, and smirk, raising a brow.//

Or something like that? You mean maybe to fix the stairs you broke?

/You chuckle, and put your hands in your pockets, before, tentatively, giving him a softer smile.//

I try not to make any habits or anything, but considering how unlikely both of our meetings so far have been, I’m sure I’ll see you around again soon enough.

/Suddenly you grin//

And maybe next time you’ll manage not to end up on your ass for once.